"A világ sokkal tágabb, mint az szemmel látszik."

An introduction to Pránanadi and Pránapadlás


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What to know about Pránanadi?


Pránanadi is the Sanskrit name of vital energy channels, and also the name of a method that enables to heal ourselves and others, and also brings intensive spiritual development. Moreover, Pránanadi provides support in many aspects of life to anyone who uses it.


The method was brought to our world by a European scientist after 16 years of education in Tibet. It became known in Hungary in 1992 and since then it was introduced to the public.


Applying this method – which extends to basic learning of radiesthesia – anybody will be able to give energetic treatment to oneself and others. Prána is a pervasive, powerful form of energy; it supports vital processes and works at every stage of life.


Applying prána makes harmony among our levels of consciousness. All mankind without exceptions – regardless of sex, origin, level of education, religion, physical conditions, etc – is able to acquire this simple method that is full of love and caring.


Pránanadi is the art of healing lamas. You can learn it exclusively through initiate masters, only initiation makes you know and employ the method.


The thousand-year-old Pránanadi initiation – administered by alive masters – is made up of several stages. Having the first stage got, you will be able to energize the physical body and manifest healing. The second stage is more to spiritual effects, and you will also be able to conduct energy in space and time. Each stage brings intensive recovering to body and soul by opening a channel to this substantive energy through our inner being. Further stages will enable you to provide relief to your organism, to those close, and to anyone who turns to you on an even higher level.


In the short term, it may result in intensive spiritual development. You can become a conscious part of the energy that constitutes the world and you yourself. It will mightily help you live and control your life more consciously.


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What is Pránapadlás?


Pránapadlás is one of those places where you can learn Pránanadi at a high level. This community was first established in Budapest. But it is much more than this: we regularly organize events to open the door to recovery and development, and also to enable you to meet your friends and spend some great time together.